About Us

Approved Science® Pets is dedicated to helping people maintain their pets’ optimal health and well-being. Our mission is to be the #1 resource that provides the best nutritional pet supplements that are scientifically designed with ultimate success and effectiveness at the forefront of development.

Approved Science® Pets' quality products have been expertly developed by scientists, medical researchers, and nutritionists with your personal health goals in mind. Approved Science Pets’ all natural formulas are designed to put a lifetime of wellbeing for your pet within your reach.

We are committed to our consumers in every way possible. We offer advanced nutritional science and extensive information regarding our products, transparent checklists for quality assurance/quality control, thorough research and development and superb customer support.

In addition to creating excellent products, we aim to provide our readers and consumers with a comprehensive review of the many other available treatments for optimizing health and wellbeing. Our review process will identify the best products available for effectiveness and value as well as provide personal reviews from individuals who have used the products first hand.

Approved Science® Pets is committed to setting the bar high. We are advancing the science of pet health and nutritional supplements through sound scientific research.

Our Goals

Our main goal at Approved Science® Pets is to design and create high-quality products for improved pet nutrition and health that will significantly enhance their quality of life. You can trust our products because we are diligent in our quality standards. We provide a money back promise to you and we pledge to help your pets achieve their nutritional and health needs. We are here to help when you are ready to change the life of your pet for the better. Our customer service team will guide and assist you every step of the way if you have problems or questions. You are not alone.

We are dedicated to informing people about what options are available. We want to showcase the best treatments that work and which products deserve your attention. We provide the results of extensive research and development to arm consumers with the most comprehensive knowledge in order to choose the best products on the market.

Our Checklist

Every Approved Science® Pets product must undergo a rigorous research and evaluation process. Every product formulated by Approved Science® Pets must meet certain quality standards to be worthy of our seal of approval. Some of these are included below:

  • Contain high quality natural ingredients based on scientific research and development
  • Contain adequate dosage, potency and standardization based on clinical studies
  • Abide by and comply with quality assurance/control standards (cGMP certified, FDA registered and US Pharmacopeia adherence)
  • Monitored and tested by third party organizations
  • Be pesticide and contaminant free

Our Team

Our dedicated team is composed of distinguished and respected experts that include nutritionists, medical researchers, and scientists. They are leaders in their own fields and are at the forefront of developing and producing the most effective nutritional and health supplements on the market. When it comes to research and development and product testing and production, they leave no stone unturned so that Approved Science® Pets meets the highest quality standards expected by its consumers and the industry. Approved Science® Pets is in a league of its own.